Welcome to Metal Label Factory!

We are doing art decor metal label design and production since 2006. We offer the overall design and production process for our clients, from the early stages of design till the mass production of quality metal labels.

metal label factory

Metal labels can be produced using tin, aluminium, brass or copper. The surface finish of the labels can be natural, antic, titanium-like, coloured or varnished (shiny or matte).

The metal labels are created with high-tech machinery, even the smallest details and lines are clearly visible on the labels. We can produce labels based on photographs, as you can see it on the images bellow this page. The metal labels can be used to decorate bottles, glasses or even clothes, jackets and we can also produce fridge magnets. The metal labels can also be used on machineries, because we also offer heat-resistant labels. Metal labels can also display corporate logos and slogans and appropriate to decorate corporate presents and gifts.

Here you can see some sample images of metal labels created from photographs. Please visit our
Photo gallery for more product photos and please feel free to Contact us, if you have any question!